Marcella’s Pizzeria, Inc is Family Owned and Operated Since 2005

Marcella's Pizzeria, Inc.

Entice Your Taste Buds with our Homemade Italian Food

Family-Owned Italian Pizza Restaurant in Wheatfield, IN

Marcella’s Pizzeria, Inc. is a family-owned Italian pizza restaurant in Wheatfield, IN. We serve original delicious creamy pasta, thin-crust pizzas, Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas, sandwiches, appetizers, salads, and soups. Named after the owner, Karen’s mother, Marcella’s has become a go-to place for people area-wide. Customers come to us for our bestselling Marcella Beef Sandwich, Karen’s Pasta, and Famous Garlic Rolls. Dine in an inviting, educational, plane-themed family atmosphere. Our homemade pizza dough and sauces are made from scratch, and we always use only the finest quality ingredients. Whether you choose dine-in or curbside pickup, we guarantee our best service and delicious authentic Italian food that only a non-chain restaurant can offer. Contact us for more information about our menu; we look forward to serving you. We proudly serve customers in Indiana and its surrounding areas. 

Red Sauce Pizza

About Us

Our trademarked slogan at Marcella’s is “Get Your Garlic On.” Several of our recipes consist of fresh garlic. In fact, our famous garlic rolls are well known for their oil and fresh garlic and are complimentary when dining in. Pizza sauce and pizza dough are always aged at Marcella’s to allow the perfect unique taste to develop. We specialize in thin crust and deep-dish Chicago-style pizzas. The Italian beef we use for sandwiches is cooked in-house and thinly hand-sliced, giving it a juicy, memorable flavor. All lettuce we use for our salads is never from a bag; we chop fresh Romaine and iceberg daily. We pride ourselves on serving delicious food, offering large portions, and creating a great customer experience as an independent family-owned and run restaurant.

Daily Specials

Contact us to learn more about our delicious menu offerings and to place an order.

Airplane-Themed Restaurant

We, the owners, were never pilots. Our family just loves to travel and enjoys the nostalgia of Pan Am and TWA Airlines. Back in the day, flying was quite a luxurious and special occasion. As you take a walk around the restaurant, you will find a 1950 Christmas dinner menu, a cocktail menu at unbelievable prices, a real stewardess uniform, a picture inside of Frank Sinatra’s personal plane, and many airline toys.

When you look at the pictures on our wall, you’ll notice that people dressed up so nicely to fly. We have an original plane ticket hanging as well as numerous in-flight goodies that were given to passengers. Above the entrance to our kitchen, various airline bags our customers used are displayed.

Airplane-Themed Restaurant

Thank You

Words are not enough to express our gratitude to our regular customers over the years. Visit Marcella’s and try our food if you haven’t already. We promise you a delicious meal in a warm and inviting environment.